Tell Your MP: Label Genetically Engineered Precision Bred Foods

This month the government will announce the next steps for the Genetic Technology Act.

We will very soon be given details of the package of statutory instruments that will be added to the Act make it fully functional. These will include provisions for the production of genetically engineered precision bred farm animals and plants in our food system and for the way that these foods can be marketed in England – and by extension the rest of the UK.

Currently, however, there is no provision for labelling these precision bred foods. Given that the majority of citizens in this country have expressed a preference to see these foods labelled, this is a terrible betrayal of public trust.

The Genetic Technology Act should reflect what citizens in this country have repeatedly said they want, which is to see these foods labelled so that they can:

·       Exercise their consumer right not to be misled about what they are eating

·       Make a clear choice, at point of purchase, not to buy genetically engineered precision bred foods

·       Refuse to support a system of food production that does not align with their values and that they do not trust

Please help put this issue in front of your MP or Westminster representative now by asking them to ensure the upcoming changes in the Genetic Technology Act include a provision for mandatory labelling.

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