Tell Your MP: Regulate and Label ALL GMOs

In the UK, a new Bill is working its way through Parliament that will change the law to remove most regulatory controls from GMOs in England.

The government promised a "step-by-step" approach. What it has delivered is a remit for deregulating old as well as newer style GMOs – both plants and animals – in the food system. The Bill, as written:

  • Immediately opens our fields and our food system to most kinds of GMO plants and animals.
  • Removes labelling from all but a few types of GMOs produced using older technology.
  • Uses the words "precision breeding", which no one understands and which actively misleads both Parliamentarians and the public over what the Bill is about
  • Misleads both Parliamentarians and the public by saying "precision breeding" does not insert foreign genes into living organisms - it does.
  • Implies that GMOs are naturally occurring or produced by "natural transformation" – they are not.
  • ignores the ethical and welfare implications of genetically engineering livestock.
  • Will quickly open the UK to cheap imports of GMO crops and foods from places like the US, Brazil, Argentina, Canada and Australia.
  • Enables the removal of remaining regulatory controls in the future through a series of undebated statutory instruments.

There's still time to amend it to protect people, animals and the environment. But awareness of the Bill and its implications is very low in Westminster.

We need you to write to your MP or Westminster representative and let them know this Bill is not good enough and needs urgent and wide-ranging revisions in order to protect citizens, farmers, animals and the environment.

Simply enter your postcode, and we will help you send a message directly to your MP or Westminster representative.